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Web design and development

We are the youngest company in the GAP Vassilopoulos Group, with more than six years of experience in premium Internet design and development and online software solutions.


We believe that Internet design should come to a new level in the 21st century, and it should stop being developed in mass production. It should become fully tailored to the client's needs and to the marketing strategy of each company. We would like to think we do exactly that.


A lot of companies state themselves as professional, creative and experienced, but only a few will deliver a website with a smart and trendy design and a marketing concept that will truly benefit the customer in getting a return on their online investment.

A truly professionally done website brings in greater earnings, attracts more customers and helps to get in touch with the right partners.  Every day we stumble upon 2000 advertisements, but we can remember only a few. It is also true for websites. Standing out can be achieved with applying effective web design concepts and development strategies and our web team is here to assist you in your quest for an effective presence on the Internet.

To have a look at our 2008-2009 portfolio click



Our crew undertakes the concept creation, photography, and compilation of your company profile through images which may be used for promotional purposes for:
- company websites
- promotional DVDs
- leaflets, brochures, press kits and press releases
- newsletters and blogs

Data Recovery Services

If you are looking for Data Recovery in Cyprus, you have come to the right place, to the very first Data Recovery Center, serving Cyprus and neighboring countries using and utilising the most advanced data recovery technology and the latest data recovery equipment housed at our specially designed laboratory and clean room facility.

specialise in physical data recovery and logical data recovery from all kinds of storage devices including but not limited to:

Hard disks - Flash memory/USB disks - Memory cards and memory sticks (phone cards) - Optical storage (CDs and DVDs) - Floppy disks - Zip drives - iPod drives

With our high qualified and experienced data recovery specialists, we ensure all customers receive the best available data recovery services both at home and worldwide.

Promotional Videos for Companies

Our crew can assist you in the preparation and production of two promotional videos that will introduce your company to new potential clients.

The first video (full version) would be around 3 minutes long and suitable for mass distribution on DVDs to existing and potential clients.



The second video (short version) would be around 1 minute long and designed for online viewing on your website as well as other e-media outlets and presentations. It can also be used on youtube and other social media networks.


The main components and features of the full version could include:

- Video clips of the company's premises
- Short interview clips with the director/CEO and senior management
- Video clips of the services on offer and product samples
- Options to choose both Greek and English voice-overs
- Option to choose Russian subtitles *
- Originally composed theme and background music
- Slick and dynamic filming, titles, script and overall presentation
- DVD menu, packaging, design and mass production *

The short version will summarize the above (except the *) and have an overall faster-paced style, highlighting the main points and features.


These two products will serve as an effective and attractive promotional and marketing tool for your company. They will remind your existing clients of the variety of products or services your company has on offer, and be an excellent introduction for new potential clients, both through the mass distribution of the DVD and online/e-media clips.


We undertake to produce both versions of this promotional video for your company, including the mass production of 500 DVDs of the full version. The final products will be delivered within 6 weeks from the start of the project, provided there are no delays in having access to film at the company's premises and conduct the interview clips.




GAP Vassilopoulos E-Media Ltd has created this innovative newsletter program to help users save time, to enable them to communicate with their client base and target audiences, quickly, effectively and frequently.

This is the number one selling e-newsletter magazine in Cyprus which since 2006 is also selling globally.

A user-friendly interface that can be mastered even with little computer knowledge, the WebNAz Mailer ( ) provides the following:

  • An easy to handle editor (just like word)
  • Email database manager
  • Statistical report generator providing information to who, when and how many times each recipient is reading your newsletter
  • A free subscription page that can be enhanced to a website (inclusive in the price)
  • A notification generator collecting the legal permission to your opt-in list.
  • Statistics regarding your e-newsletter and readership profile.
  • Archiving section where all your newsletters are automatically stored for future viewing.
  • Ample storage space to upload images and large files (audio & video). This will enable you not to attach images and files to your newsletter but to upload the files on our server and make them available to your recipients through links.


By acquiring a license for this environment you will benefit from the following features and services:

  • No editing costs. We will assist you in preparing and editing your e-newsletter.
  • No designing costs. You can choose from our library of hundreds of templates or we can custom-design a few samples with your company logos and colours, for you to choose from.
  • No printing costs. E-newsletters involve no paperwork.
  • No usage of envelopes and no usage of postage. 21st century business seldom makes use of postal communication.
  • Email communication is IN, postal communication is OUT.
  • Once online, sending messages is absolutely free. We are well aware of the budgets we all used to spend on envelopes, letters and post.
  • Emails are in printable format, which you do not print yourself. The recipients do.
  • Intelligently composed and targeted e-newsletters are read as soon as you push the "send and receive" button. We all know where most of the postal mail ends up... in a non-recycable waste paper basket!
  • E-Newsletters provide an interactive environment. Your clients will be able to come into direct  contact with you, immediately.
  • Instead of a dull text letter, we can arrange the dispatch of a e-newsletter that will include images, colourful text, links to your website and you email address as well as all your other details (tel, cell, fax etc)
  • You can send your e-newsletter as often as you see fit, and edit the next email shot yourself.
  • We will undertake to organise your database and manage subscriptions, removal requests and undelivered emails.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)





SEO is the process of increasing your website’s presence to search engines - such as google, yahoo and MSN - for those important keyword phrases that are relevant to your business. In another words, SEO is the process of the tailoring of your website, according to the search engine algorithm rules and procedures, as well as other processes that we - as a web team - have singled out and consider important in achieving high placements placing your website high in all search engines.



Our SEO objectives:

We are aware that companies vary in size and industry and therefore we are flexible in the SEO services we provide. We have experience in achieving results for small, niche businesses as well as for larger companies in very competitive areas. This allows us to propose an SEO campaign that will best fit with your requirements. We achieve this by the implementation of SEO techniques involving both on-page and off-page factors. We work closely with our clients to ensure every website is SEO friendly and will reach their expectations.


Search engine optimization and submission services include:

In addition to web development, we provide other Internet marketing services such as on-page optimization, search-friendly web design and development, competitive analysis, link-building, blog marketing, keyword research, article marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, contextual advertising and social media optimization.


Keywords are key:

A very important service we provide is to help identify the best possible keywords to target with your online marketing campaigns. Keyword choice is a very important part of reaching the right audience. We will take your existing keyword list and expand the list to include many more keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business. We will then recommend keywords to target based on keyword search frequency and relevance to your website.


Competitive Analysis:

We take an in-depth look at the competitive marketplace for your chosen keywords. Often you will find many companies competing for a share of the traffic on your keywords, even though they may not be direct competitors. It is important to understand what the competition is doing so that you can identify key areas of weakness and other opportunities. Our analysis reports allow you to do this.


Link Building:

One very important factor in how well your site shows up in search results is the number of high-quality, relevant links pointing to your site. We use various methods to obtain these high quality links to improve your rankings in the search engines.



Blog Marketing:

A blog is one of the best ways to produce fresh, unique, search engine friendly supporting pages to our websites. We can get more inbound links from quality content with out any further risk. More over blogs acts as doorways to invite more visitors to a particular niche.


Article Marketing:

Writing several articles and submitting them to article directories for publication is a great way to build one-way links. By including a link to your website in your articles resource box, you not only gain quality one-way links but also drive free targeted traffic to your site.


PPC advertisement:

The benefits of Pay Per Click advertising is that webmasters only pay when a site visitor clicks on a link. This links are displayed on a search engine pages. More over the website owners can immediately gain exposure, even if their website pages are not keyword optimized. They produce better ROI results by reaching potential customers. Some of the major players in PPC advertising are Google, Yahoo, and Miva and MSN Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be quite profitable.


Contextual Advertisement:

Contextual advertisements are text ads that show up within content on targeted websites. Similar to PPC search ads, these ads can be targeted either by keywords that are relevant to your ad, or by the website URL of the site displaying the ad


Social Media Optimization:

Now days we can get visitors not only from search engines but also Social media networks. With large volume of daily visitors Social media sites plays a significant role to drive more visitors to other websites. When properly executed, social profiles on social networking sites improve your image, build your brand, and send more traffic to your website. We can create a social media optimization strategy that will work for your business.


Search Engine Optimization Process: 

- You provide the key words which we use for the purpose of creating phrases describing your web site, i.e., Investment property, hotels Cyprus, accounting Cyprus etc, which we then use for placement among  the search engines.

- We approve the keywords and send you a contract with our first page guarantee included.

- We begin working on your optimization.

- We send you the optimized files for placement on your site

- You put the files on your site(or we can do it for you) and notify us upon completion

- We begin the submission process for your site to be indexed by the major search engines

Go to google and type the following word searches:

"Accounting Cyprus"
The above generates 1,960,000 results
Our Client -
is second on Page 1

"Apartments Paphos"
The above generates 743,000 results
Our cient -
is sixth on Page 1

 "Accounting Cyprus"
The above generates 8,960,000 results
Our client -
is first on Page 1
"Auditing Cyprus"
The above generates 493,000 results
Our Client -
is first on Page 1

"Carpets Cyprus"
The above generates 519,000 results
Our cient -
is first on Page 1

"Hotel Cyprus"
The above generates 16,400,000 results
Our cient -
is fourth on Page 2


While evaluating these results, have in mind the following:
- results are not generated by typing the name of the company
- results are not generated by typing any part of the website address in part or in full.
- results are generated from different professions.

Search Engine Optimisation typically includes keyword research and development, competitive analysis, on-page optimization, website promotion & marketing and finally the reporting the results which the customer receives on a monthly basis, complete with progress reports. More than 80% of consumers use search engines in their day-to-day life, to locate products and services. So SEO – if conducted correctly - has become a fundamental, and cost efficient means of increasing revenue and generating profitable success online.



GAP Vassilopoulos E-Media Ltd. provides SEO services that deliver effective results using quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis, listening to our customers and understanding their emotional, intellectual and professional requirements. Based on this, we develop internet marketing strategies that fulfill those very needs

E-Mall in Cyprus

Presence on the biggest E-Mall in Cyprus at is a window to the world, that will enable you to bring extra revenue from prospective customers that you will expose yourself to on the fastest-growing and most populated e-commerce website in Cyprus.

To acquire an e-shop on our E-Mall the following prices are applicable:

* 670 euros per annum which includes initial update of minimum of 80 products
* 180 euros for initial update of more than 80 items

You can gain access yourself with a username and a password managing your products, description and pricing of your products and services. also has a Dine, Entertain, Stay and Services section where businesses can be included to benefit from the projection this portal provides to whoever comes aboard for only 350 euros.


Online Car Portal

At Autoads, we believe that buying or selling a used car should be a pleasure and hassle-free. As one of the top classified car websites in Cyprus - we have hundreds of thousands of quality used cars for sale from car dealers and private sellers across the Island.

So if you are looking to buy a second hand car then look no further than We have vehicles from all areas of Cyprus; Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paralimni and Paphos. If you are a private seller and you would like to sell your used car, you'll find placing an advert online quick, convenient, and above all FREE. Just click SELL YOUR CAR and once you have filled in the details, your ad will be online in seconds.


Reservation System for Hotels

The WebNaz eBooker is a powerful Hotel booking service - an innovative online booking solution for hotels - delivering supreme functionality and an industry-standard reservation process.

Easy but powerful, our eBooker is also affordable. It is also the easiest and fastest way to expose your Hotel to the growing number of business as well as leisure travelers, booking online, providing quick solutions and enabling you to spend more time with your guests.

Our e-booker uses real-time connection to your central on-line reservation system. With these systems working hand in hand, you\'re set to benefit from increased transactions and more online revenue and profits.
Built for results, the WebNaz eBooker delivers important benefits for independent hotels, including:


  • State of the art technology at affordable prices.
  • No transaction charges, no hidden costs.
  • You build a high level of consumer trust with a reservation process that\'s visually seamless and secure. 
  • You don\'t need to worry about systems set-up and maintenance of your booking engine.
  • It provides easy-to-use online booking capabilities that turn your Web site into a powerful business tool.
  • You don\'t have to worry about the responsibilities and overhead of development and maintenance. 
  • All you have to do is manage your rates and availability.  

The WebNaz eBooker includes a host of sophisticated features that are convenient and easy to use:


  • Quick search feature-for reservations straight from your home page
  • Multiple room type and multiple dates booking capability 
  • Real time cost calculation with supplements or extra persons in rooms
  • Special offers with or without minimum stay
  • Weekend rates
  • Different rates for different seasons 
  • Automated price list
  • Close, CTA, MAX and MIN for individual dates or date range
  • Supplements (B & B, Full etc)
  • Custom Billing, Term of Stay and Cancellation policy
  • Custom emails
  • Detailed statistics
  • Full room and rate description prior to rate selection 
  • Retrieval and cancellation of online bookings both for the hotelier or customer
  • End-to-end security through secure socket layer (SSL) technology & CC verification


Samples: View two of our samples developed for two Hotels of
The Classic Hotel in Nicosia and The Americana Hotel in London - UK


Real Estate Portal is a no commission property forum in Cyprus that provides a new choice for developers, estate agents and private sellers, looking for a serious alternative to expensive advertising channels and to other property portals.

At our primary aim is to provide a simple platform for all users across Cyprus to advertise all their Sale and Rental properties in a unified and collective place. is constantly investing in promoting its online presence through established routes, while a team of search engine optimization experts work on optimizing 20 domains with the same content directed at different geographical areas, continually working to ensure your exposure online.

If you would like to place your listings on our multiple websites, please contact us, so that we can provide you with username and password so that you can upload your listings automatically.


Online Trivia & Memory Games

Online web games are a popular method of interacting with your customer database, providing and educational forum about subjects of your choice and providing visitors with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with your products and services.
Be that a memory Game or an Educational Trivia Game, the results can be both rewarding and innovative.




To view two samples of our work, please visit  (Memory Game) & (Trivia Educational Game on Soccer)


E-Commerce site with online payment systems

Do not limit yourself to the vicinity of your shop. An e-commerce website with an online payment system is a window to the world, that will enable you to bring extra revenue from prospective customers that you would not be able to connect with otherwise.

Samples: Visit two of our online stores and familiarize yourself with the possibilities of acquiring your own online shop on the www. - Reproductions of impressionist artists


Electronic and Print Media advertising


Let us transform your product or service into an advertising concept, turning it to a message that will generate revenue and profit for your company.


CD production and CD Business cards

Instead of printing expensive catalogues and printed material (which we also offer), we will compile your advertising material and company information in a presentation on a CD or a DVD, providing you with an affordable solution for off-line presentations, be that when you visit customers, whether you want to dispatch your work by post to prospective customers or whether you want to replace expensive hand-outs with affordable CDs and CD ROMs in exhibitions.

We manufacture, duplicate and design CD ROMs and Business CD cards in shapes and colours of your choice, which may hold any information from 50 to 100 MB in any quantity.


Copywriting & Translation services

Copywriting and translation services now available in 11 official languages - and more...

This expert service boasts:



- A team of over six local and 16 international translators
- Translations of any kind of document, including scientific, technical, financial, marketing, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, academic and educational, as well as foreign correspondence, tender documents, contracts, patents and manuals
- Excellent rates and fast turnaround time

It's not a secret that communication is increased when the viewer or listener receives the message in their mother tongue. Even Google offers search facilities in many languages and the reasons are quite obvious. Every translator affiliated to GAP Vassilopoulos E-Media Ltd., is a mother-tongue speaker with education and years of experience in the field of translation. We will find the ideal translator for your specific needs, from websites to annual reports, legal manuscripts and scientific articles.

In addition to the translation service, we also provide proofreading and editing services. Proofreading applies in cases where clients wish to have documents checked and edited prior to publication. Skilled proofreaders ensure that any errors that may have slipped in during the layout process are corrected in time. As far as editing services are concerned, some clients have documents that have been written by experts with specialist knowledge of their subject matter, but who may not be practiced writers. Our editors correct grammatical errors and idiomatic language to give manuscripts a professional finish.


Animations and Flash presentations

GAP Vassilopoulos E-Media Ltd specialise in creating spectacular 3D animations for various multimedia applications. Our team is constantly updating and innovating with latest technology. We are mastered in 3D character modeling and animation, architectural walkthroughs for virtual simulation, and other 3D animation used in TV commercials and documentaries. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and creative team, we are able to achieve international standards in 3D technology.

Our capabilities also include making 3D models for Ad films, training programs, as well as multimedia presentations. Architects and interior designers are also taking advantage of our 3D walkthrough services. These look-alike 3D images and movies depict an overall idea of the final look of the building structure or interior design.


Content Management System (CMS)

Our content management system will enable you to make changes on your text and images and in real time. If you want to keep your website fresh and updated, our CMS is the tool for you. It will manage the content of your website - specially created for people who do not have any programming experience - and assist you to manage the creation, modification, and removal of your web content.


Gain your independence from web developers and minimize annual support fees to zero.
Create unlimited web pages with one click, and fill them with content of your choice, be that text, images, videos and audio.
Through our CMS you can create the hierarchical site map of your website and fill its pages with content of your choice.
You will be able to announce your company news, events and upload articles of your choice.
The same CMS can also be incorporated to manage all sections of your website including e-commerce section.


One-stop web services